Dj + Jocelyn - High Senior Prom

The final days of your High school senior year is by far one of the most exciting years ever.  Prom is one of many exciting events that occur for both juniors and seniors and if you’re a cool kid on campus then you may be invited to attend during your freshman and/or sophomore year.  Some have planned for this occasion, since day one of High School.  While the dresses are nicer, much hasn't changed since I was in high school.  I remember getting dressed and arriving at the bowling alley where my family spent their Friday nights, to show off what I thought was the best dress around and then off to a local restaurant for some delicious food.  So, I am totally reminiscing here... lol, so back to this cute couple.  DJ was the perfect gentleman and Jocelyn was  sweet as she is beautiful.   Both sets of parents were present to support this exciting milestone while standing behind making loud sighs at the fact that their babies have grown up and then giggling at the instructions I was given to get them to be their purest selves.   These are moments that we simply never get back.  Prom is equivalent to a young lady in high school as it is to a young woman that is getting married, in the sense that she gets all dolled up with expectations of seeing her handsome date all suited up just for her.  

Allow me to share 2 tips to help ensure you don't miss the opportunity to capture these special moments.

1. Hire your photographer in the beginning of the school year.  Most photographers will allow you to pay a retainer fee to hold the date, which also gives you plenty of time to pay for it before the actual expenses pile up at the time you're shopping for all the essentials for prom.

2.  Create a small budget for your high schooler, consider starting it at the point they enter high school.  Because there are several events that take place during the senior year, examples are senior pictures, homecoming, prom, year book, cap and gown and much more; this will alleviate last minute stresses.  Hope this helps!

Images were taken at Winthrop Shopping Plaza in Riverview, Florida